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Arolla - Switzerland
Les Arolles Apartments
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Arolla is a small mountain village in the southern Alps, high up from the main towns of Sion and Evolene. The drive takes about 35 minutes from the Airport in Sion and the scenery is inspiring. The apartment is situated just below the village of Arolla, at 2000m high in the mountains, making it ideal for walking in the summer and skiing/boarding in the winter (being just 200m from the ski lift, and with hire facilities in the village). Just along the road is the Hotel du Mont Collon, a very traditional hotel with wonderfully traditional food and drink for those special occasions. The outdoor centre down the valley at Evolene, provides more ski pistes and paragliding (of which I know very little).

The apartment is very comfortable at about 60sq ms and retains a quality of originality, despite its dishwasher, microwave, satellite TV, DVD and video player. It is on the fourth floor (with a lift) providing magnificent views towards the Mont Collon to the South and the piked range of mountains, including La Tsa, to the East.
The bathroom facilities are very good, with hot water provided un-skimpingly by the massive boilers in the cellars.

The area is dominated by the Mont Collon, 3637m high, one of the highest mountains in the area which straddles the border with Italy. It is snow-capped in both summer and winter, and the grey rocks look black from a distance in contrast. The Matterhorn (in another valley) is a spectacular view from many vantage points.

there's another Youtube ski video

walking in summer
All around, there are fields of flowers and pine forests, in particular, the Arolla pine. Cows from the nearby farms "playing" their haunting alpine bells. Numerous butterflies, marmots (cuddley fury animals like a big fat cat) and foxes which come very close to the houses in the winter looking for food. In the rocks, there are chamois – goat like animals that jump around the steep rocks and are easily seen if you go walking in the summer.

some of the flowers in the meadows

the footpath to the glacier
There is a footpath to the glacier along a narrow but sometimes very deep little river which comes from the glacier. Along the way you will see where the water is re-directed to the Grand Dixance, a great man-made lake with one of the highest dams in Europe in the next valley (you can walk to this through the Pas-de-Chevre if you have a good head for heights). Although the Mont Collon path is not very steep, when you get to the glacier, you can look down the whole valley and see for over 30 miles to the mountains past Sion, the main town in the district. The huge ice cave at the bottom of the glacier is always changing as the ice melts and breaks away. Children love to play with the ice and the rocks as they try not to fall into the little rivers that come from the glacier but they mustn’t get too close to the cave because, as the ice melts, rocks fall down.

glacial water flow

close up of an ice cave 3m high

and of course, there are rainbows !

a wonderful Christmas
Above all else, we want you to enjoy your stay and to come again. We do have a contact in Arolla who will offer advice and can arrange cleaning of bedding and the apartment. You will be responsible for leaving the flat clean. Any bedding etc that you use will be arranged to be cleaned at an extra cost.

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