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Greece - the island of Chios
The small southern port of Emborios
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Emborios (Chios) Slideshow
Emborios is perhaps the oldest settlement on the island of Chios, with excavations showing it's inhabitation since early neolithic times. The plain behind the harbour (now fruit and vegetable gardens) show ideal conditions for the settlements and excavations continuing are expanding our knowledge of the area (around the hill in the centre of the picture). A rare life-sized marble statue of a youth dating to the mid-sixth century BC was found in March 2004 and is on view in the Chios Museum. There is a path up to the temple of Athena ruins (on the hill to the left of the picture) with lights in the evening for an evening walk. For the more adventurous, the church at the top can be reached from the Komi side and there are too many walks (beach, hill and mountain) to mention.
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The harbour at Emborios: In the summer, there are four tavernas to choose from, and enough sailing boats to make the view wonderful whilst you enjoy them. Out of season, most of these will close and you can visit one of the many tavernas just a short drive away (between 2 and 5 Km).

Mavro Volios:There are two distinct beach areas, the second being over a short stepped cause-way leading to the kilometre of coves and rocky cliffs, all with the clearest of water and the famous black pebbles and sand.
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